My love for words started at a very young age. I've always enjoyed the way certain words made me feel. The way they would roll off my tongue and make sounds that resound within, then flutter off into thin air, but never really gone. Often times, when I see the right words something is triggered from within. Their energy surrounds and comforts me. Their memory and influence make random appearances. The influence words can have will always behold an enchanting power over me. 

I am fortunate to call two places home. I was born in Amman, Jordan, and moved to Toronto, Canada at a very young age. I am currently working out of both cities, and pray for a world so connected that remote work becomes the norm. 

I worked in the advertising industry as a Digital Strategist for Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, Chrysler, and MasterCard at Universal McCann Canada. I also worked at Yahoo Canada as an Account Manager where I made sure client expectations were met, and campaign objectives achieved. I then transferred into the creative world of branding at Mint Agency. As an Account Manager, I worked closely with designers and clients to create unforgettable branding strategies and advertising campaigns. 

I have a Bachelor's degree in Social Science, specializing in Communications and Sociology from York University, in Toronto, and I am a certified TEFL teacher.

My career is focused on writing opportunities, and I'm interested in creating content for branding and advertising agencies. My writing is dynamic and versatile, and can range from the creation of naming labs, to web content, editing and proofreading, advertising copy, brochures, social media, and translation from Arabic to English.

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Jeeda Masoud

UX Writer & Content Strategy